More than just a concept, Half-Retire could significantly impact your financial future!

For many business owners “Living the Dream” means selling your business receiving a handsome nest egg that will generate interest and income to maintain the lifestyle to which you have become accustomed and then pursuing your passions of golf, fishing, boating, travel…

But what if it’s not enough?  What if you cannot sell it and walk away?  What if you don’t want to walk away yet, or ever?  How can you retire and still “Live the Dream?”

Well, Half Retirement allows you to keep a finger in the business and continue to earn from that business while:

  • Limiting your business participation to 8-12 hrs per week
  • Developing key personnel and processes to take over daily operations and out of ownership hands
  • Leveraging your knowledge, expertise and skills into executable systems
    • Modifying People based systems to Operational based systems
  • Creating a rock solid plan to protect your money
  • Retaining ownership of the business asset and maintaining a strong income stream

Executing a Half-Retire plan could very well be the most important decision you’ll make in your business life.  And Visionary Consulting Group has helped a substantial number of business owners plan and execute successful Half-Retirements.

If you are approaching that magic moment, Selling Your Business and Living the Dream, but are unsure of the financial opportunities, impacts or proper direction, why not consult with a Principal at Visionary Consulting Group?  It’s for sure worth a cup of coffee, and probably a whole lot more.

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