The Value Builder System is one of the many tools VCG utilizes to maximize your business’ value.

We are trained and certified to deliver this powerful, proven methodology. It takes only 13 minutes to determine if your company would benefit. It’s free, confidential and you will make the determination, like so many owners have in the past, when to take the next step. Business’ with high Value Builder Scores sell for significantly higher multiples. We help you achieve those higher scores.

At Visionary Consulting Group we are strong advocates for successful operational systems to run business, creating repeatable successful outcomes that do not necessarily depend on the day to day hand holding of ownership. Business that operate on this one principal alone are head and shoulders more desirable than business requiring constant ownership involvement. The Value Builder System is more of a Value Proposition... How is your business run? How do you increase the value, capitalize on core competencies and institute systems and processes desirable to suitors? That is what a Value Builder Mastermind engagement from Visionary can do for you

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