How you sell your business is critical to acquiring it’s maximum value.

Opportunity, whether you create it or it unexpectedly knocks at your door, for most business owners is a once in a lifetime event.

Ready? In either case your business must be properly positioned to take advantage of the marketplace, to demonstrate it’s value and provide a clear vision for the purchaser to realize value now and in the future.

Visionary’s principals; a business owner who has been in your shoes 5 times, a transaction specialist attorney and a former partner in a CPA practice; possess the demonstrated expertise to ready you for acquisition whether it be now, next year or in 5 years.  Our team is unique in the industry and delivers a competitive advantage to you in maximizing your sale price.  You see, we have built, run and sold multiple businesses in high profile and under the radar industries.  Our job is to find out, in depth, about your company and uncover it’s talent, culture, opportunities and potential value.  We can then exploit those factors to create a plan of action with specific goals and time frames to achieve.

Finally, the How and When to properly market your business is key to maximizing it’s price.  Visionary Consulting Group develops strategic, financial, complementary and competitive potential acquirer (or buyer) candidates that understand the value you have achieved, understand the potential value available through certain economies or additional acquisitions, and are willing to spend properly to acquire the opportunity at hand.

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